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Jolie Hasson

Jolie Hasson ("Princess Jolie") is an intuitive counselor who works with her clients’ energy fields to release any blocks, and to restore them to their inner state of vibrant health and wholeness. She offers readings, leading edge healing and coaching for those on the spiritual path. She is the author of a chapter in Book 3 of The Inner Circle Chronicles. Book 3 is scheduled for release in March, 2016.

Jolie specializes in Sacred Activations that can remove the layers that contain any and all limiting beliefs, clearing out old patterns while reconnecting clients to their true Self and energy. Princess Jolie is certified in Angel Card Reading, Theta Healing, Reiki, and Arcturian Light Healing. She also is skilled in Hand Analysis and Akashic Records Readings.

The healing process is different for each person. It’s important to choose an energy healing modality that resonates with you. Choose one that intuitively feels right for finding and clearing whatever energy block that is preventing your body from healing itself. Once we remove limiting patterns and beliefs and remember who we are then we are free to live the life of our dreams. Learn more about the various modalities using the links below.

Counseling can be done in person, or remotely by phone or Skype sessions. Jolie is located in Yulee, Florida near Amelia Island.

Benefits to Clients:

Princess Jolie is available as a speaker and teacher.

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Sacred Activations (Download "Activations for Money and Prosperity")
Angel Card Readings
Theta Healing
Arcturian Light Healing
Akashic Records

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Princess Jolie Hasson
Intuitive Counselor & Energy Healing Practitioner

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